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Cathy Scullion

Sound of Silence

Cathy Scullion


Cathy Scullion is a visual artist and curator based in Belfast.  She takes a multi-disciplinary, conceptual approach to her work exploring ways in which material and process can be used to express human experience and emotion.  Holding factors such as time, process and tactility in high regard the methods used in the creation and display of her work are quite ritualistic and repetitive, often acting as a form of meditation and self-reflection.
Cathy is a current member of Vault Artist Studios and has been awarded residencies with Belfast Print Workshop and Seacourt Print Workshop, has received Arts Council Funding in 2019 and 2021 and Freelands Foundation Funding in 2020.
Cathy is the co-founder of Second Collective Belfast where she has organised and curated a number of group exhibitions and artistic events, she has a passion for providing opportunities for emerging artists.

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