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Anushiya Sundaralingam

Tanimai I

Anushiya Sundaralingam

‘Tanimai’ is my response to the notion of loneliness. Inspired by my memories of nature, growing up in Sri Lanka, and more recent reflections during ‘lockdown’. Sometimes it is challenging to be alone, with your own thoughts and fears, the mind can be a dark place. However there is opportunity to be still and listen, to watch the gentle movement and progression of nature.

A powerful connector, nature unites us all – a solidarity in loneliness.


I was born in Sri Lanka and currently live and work in Belfast. I have been a full time artist and arts facilitator since graduating with a degree in 'Fine & Applied Arts' from the University of Ulster in 1998. I initially trained as a printmaker although my practice now encompasses a more diverse approach including mixed media and installation both in two and three dimensional works.

Experimentation is at the core of my practice through my use of materials, approaches and subject matter. My work is influenced by nature, culture, conflict and identity, many of these particular themes relate to my memories and experiences of growing up in Sri Lanka and my initial move to England before settling in Northern Ireland. My work continues to be influenced by my past and my present.

I am interested in looking at and reflecting upon my relationship with the space in which I find myself, how my natural and cultural environment shape my sense of self and place. When my surroundings change, through displacement, whether by choice or not, I respond and adapt.


Instagram: anushiyaartist

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