NIMHAF 2022 ~ Gather

This year’s festival runs from 9-15 May 2022 (to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week) with a programme of varied, vivid arts events - online and IRL! in real life - that aim to create a platform for high-quality artwork that deals compassionately and intelligently with mental health. 


The theme of this year's festival is 'GATHER'. Writing in a specially-produced publication for the 2022 festival, Richardson writes: 


Festival directorThe festival is dedicated to all those who do not have the ability to gather in safety – be that in protest, in war, in persecution or in health. It is a privilege to have the physical and mental health to get about in this world safely and without fear, the time and space to gather one’s thoughts – a privilege we seldom appreciated until it was gone. 

Read the full text on our 'About' page. 

Full programme now online. 


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